Dreams. Courage. Success. It’s those attributes that define Alexandru Aldea. Despite a lucrative career as an attorney and investment banker, his passion for acting couldn’t be ignored. Alex knew he must answer his calling.

Since his decision to pursue a career as a professional actor, he has quickly amassed an impressive resume of feature films, shorts, web-series as well as television work. He’s learned from the best teachers, including Bob Krakower, Wendy Makkena, Matt Newton Studios, the William Esper Studios and the Art of Combat under Jared Kirby. In the Voice Over space, he’s studied with Marice Tobias and Marc Cashman. As a nod to his real-world experience, he’s performed in both the courtroom and the boardroom. His lifelong practice of martial arts has translated well in stage combat roles.

Alex is the unique blend of a creative soul with a business man’s mind. Comfortable in both high-pressure environments and relaxed improv settings, his style is flexible and adaptable. His focus on consistent and professional work, on and off the set, along with his positive spirit has clients booking him again and again.